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H.A.R.D. helmets was born from the collective minds of Hanmi Global Corporation. Hanmi Global is one of the largest manufacturers in the world specializing in protective motorcycle gear and equipment, and has been doing its utmost effort to increase its international competitiveness by producing and exporting a wide variety of motorcycle helmets since its establishment in 1964.

To meet varying needs of overseas riders, Hanmi Global have supplied the highest level of quality line of helmets at affordable pricing through an in-house production system where all processes are define and refine. That in-house production system includes: prototype and mold design, plastic injection, coat and paint, EPS liners, and shield and visor production. All are conducted within four separate factories. Based on our long experience, technical know-how and expertise, we consistently aim to lead worldwide market of motorcycle helmets with its most cutting edge design in the world. Moreover, we are strengthening our core competence by continuously developing new technologies, upgrading sophisticated design in modern taste, nurturing a skilled workforce, expanding production facilities, supplementing research personnel and adopting the latest test equipment to meet the customer demands of the 21st century.

We welcome you to our H.A.R.D. line of culture and products, and we cordially welcome everyone to come in and try one of our helmets. If we prove to you that our helmets are what we say, we hope then we can start a foundation of your support of the H.A.R.D. Helmets brand and Hanmi Global company so that top quality can be always be safely used and loved by riders around the world. To learn more about Hanmi Global Corporation, please email info@hanmiglobalusa.com.

Private Label / OEM Helmet Manufacturing

Are you looking for Private Label / OEM business consulting services for your brand name enterprise?We can
help. We have a combine 30+ years of experience of building some of the well known names out there on the market today. To learn more, please email us at info@hanmiglobalusa.com.



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About Us

We're dedicated to making your ride a very confident experience by making and offering high quality and lightweight line of performance helmets. Whether for the streets or dirt tracks, we are using a combine 30+ years of experience to provide very exceptional helmets at value cost without compromising all your important needs: protection, comfort, and style.

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