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HMX-01 Solids

Specification Sheet

With so many helmet options available in the unique, fast, and adventurous communities of motorcross and dirt riding, HMX-01 offers a helmet that is a step above the traditional starter helmet. With a high-strategic venting and exhaust system to its unique and lightweight shell, we think you will find no better helmet in today's tumultuous market -- especially at its price point. It's not a wallet eater and it's equipped with all the features required to enjoy a very confident ride.

Shell construction is super light polycarbonate with impact absorbing eps liner. The HMX-01 covers the head crown with front and rear hi-max air vent system to maximize cooling effect. Fully removable, washable, and replaceable interior lining fabric which absorbs moisture. Extra rear vent exhaust for stale air extraction improves level of coolness and comfort. Fully adjustable visor system and high custom stainless grill design. Super light construction reduces neck fatigue. Also equipped: soft helmet bag included in the box, color matching liner with unique H.A.R.D. printed liners, and double-D chin straps.

HMX-01 meets or exceeds SNELL/ DOT/ECE/AS up-to-date standards. Sizes come in XS to XXL.

About Us

We're dedicated to making your ride a very confident experience by making and offering high quality and lightweight line of performance helmets. Whether for the streets or dirt tracks, we are using a combine 30+ years of experience to provide very exceptional helmets at value cost without compromising all your important needs: protection, comfort, and style.

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