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HMH-01 Solids

Specification Sheet

HMH-01 is one of the most unique helmets in the world today. It's 5 different helmets in one, but can convert into more if you start playing around with the extra ventilation interchangeable parts that come standard with the helmet. Why do you need 5 helmets in one? Well, it's for the everyday rider who ride the city streets and off road trackings as well as the long tourings. It's actually perfect for a lot of riders looking to save garage space with one helmet that does it all.

HMH-01 features a high-impact absorbent polycarbonate shell, providing unequalled levels of manufacturing precision. This means all HMH-01 helmets are made to the same controlled and exact technologies, providing an assured level of safety and performance. HMH-01 features the very same technical advantages as some of the best PC-made open face helmets in regards to weight, twist shield release system, and clear-free visor shields. Super light construction reduces neck fatigue. Also equipped: soft helmet bag included in the box, color matching liner with unique H.A.R.D. printed liners, and double-D chin straps.

HMH-01 meets or exceeds DOT/ECE. Sizes come in XS to XXL.

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We're dedicated to making your ride a very confident experience by making and offering high quality and lightweight line of performance helmets. Whether for the streets or dirt tracks, we are using a combine 30+ years of experience to provide very exceptional helmets at value cost without compromising all your important needs: protection, comfort, and style.

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