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HSH-01 Sinful

Specification Sheet

The HSH-01 is our full face helmet with a flip-up system that allows the 'flip-jaw' to rotate back onto the crown of the helmet. The HSH-01 was designed to offer the look of a full face and the functionality of an open face helmet. The advanced ventilation system allows air to enter through the chin and forehead vents while exiting the rear exhaust ports. While the rotation of the 'flip-jaw' allow greater comfort of open air, it also lessens the user's fatigue by maintaining an even distribution of weight across the helmet.

HSH-01 features a high-impact absorbent polycarbonate shell, providing unequalled levels of manufacturing precision. This means all HSH-01 helmets are made to the same controlled and exact technologies, providing an assured level of safety and performance. HSH-01 features the very same technical advantages as some of the best PC-made street helmets in regards to weight, twist shield release system, sun shade lens, and clear-free visor shields. Super light construction reduces neck fatigue. Also equipped: soft helmet bag included in the box, color matching liner with unique H.A.R.D. printed liners, and double-D chin straps.

Approved to ECE and DOT. Sizes come in XS to XXL.

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We're dedicated to making your ride a very confident experience by making and offering high quality and lightweight line of performance helmets. Whether for the streets or dirt tracks, we are using a combine 30+ years of experience to provide very exceptional helmets at value cost without compromising all your important needs: protection, comfort, and style.

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